Posted on Sa 16 Januar 2010

India, 360 Degrees at a Time, Part Four

Here's the fourth part of my ongoing series.

After Hampi we went to Bangalore to attend (Fantastic conference, btw. The concerts at the venue are unparalleled.) From there we flew up to Udaipur, in Rajasthan. Udaipur is (among other things) famous for being the place where the central scenes of Octopussy were filmed. Octopussy's famous white palace is on Jagniwas Island in Lake Pichola:


This panorama was taken from another island in the lake, Jagmandir Island, which is visible in the following shot on the left:


Udaipur's scenery, seen from the Maharaja's City Palace down onto Pichola Lake:


That's all for Udaipur, tomorrow I'll post more panoramas, from other stops of our trip.

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