Posted on Do 14 Januar 2010

India, 360 Degrees at a Time, Part Three

Here's the third part of my ongoing series.

Still in Hampi here's another 360 from the Hills in Hampi down to the Achyutaraya Temple:

Matanga Hill

A little further down, before dawn, here's a shot from the rocky path leading up the hill:

Matanga Hill

Our last picture for today is a view down from Hemakuta Hill which is covered with old temples and other structures. In the middle you'll see the large Virupaksha Temple which is still in full use. In that temple you'll find an amazing camera obscura, a physics teacher's dream that projects the temple tower onto a wall (projection, subject, more interesting in reality. Really.)

Hemakuta Hill

That's all for Hampi, tomorrow I'll post more panoramas, from other stops of our trip.

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