Posted on Mo 11 Januar 2010

India, 360 Degrees at a Time, Part One

Yes, I won't spare you my panorama shots from my recent trip to India. After arriving in Goa Badami was our next stop. It's a very pretty little town in northern Karnataka, and here's a panorama shot from the entrance of the town's famous caves:


Next step was one of the most amazing places on earth, Hampi in central Karnataka. It is definitely one of the greatest sights I have ever seen, and I guess I can say I have seen quite a few in my life. A vast landscape of hills covered in boulders, lush mango and banana plantations, rice fields, dotted with age-old temples and impressive ruins. Locals crossing the river in coracles that look like they belong in a time centuries ago. Women washing colourful laundry in the river, pilgrims wading across the river in their black clothes. An India that delivers every bit of that promise it makes to its visitors. The ruins rival the grand sites in Greece and the landscape sometimes looks like a Crysis in-game scene.

Taken from one of the hills in Hampi this is the sunset:

Hampi Sunset

And then, the next day at dawn make your way up the hills again and you can get an even greater view on the whole scenery:

Hampi Dawn

That's it for today, tomorrow I'll post more panoramas, both from Hampi and other stops of our trip.

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