Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
pa_buffer_attrPlayback and record buffer metrics
pa_card_infoStores information about cards
pa_card_profile_infoStores information about a specific profile of a card
pa_channel_mapA channel map which can be used to attach labels to specific channels of a stream
pa_client_infoStores information about clients
pa_cvolumeA structure encapsulating a per-channel volume
pa_ext_stream_restore_infoStores information about one entry in the stream database that is maintained by module-stream-restore
pa_mainloop_apiAn abstract mainloop API vtable
pa_module_infoStores information about modules
pa_sample_infoStores information about sample cache entries
pa_sample_specA sample format and attribute specification
pa_server_infoServer information
pa_simpleAn opaque simple connection object
pa_sink_infoStores information about sinks
pa_sink_input_infoStores information about sink inputs
pa_sink_port_infoStores information about a specific port of a sink
pa_source_infoStores information about sources
pa_source_output_infoStores information about source outputs
pa_source_port_infoStores information about a specific port of a source
pa_spawn_apiA structure for the spawn api
pa_stat_infoMemory block statistics
pa_timing_infoA structure for all kinds of timing information of a stream