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shbuf_control Struct Reference

#include <internal.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int id
int version
shbuf_status status
unsigned long size
key_t buffer_shm_key
key_t sem_key
key_t msg_key
int provider_attached
int client_attached
int provider_notify
int client_notify

Field Documentation

key_t shbuf_control::buffer_shm_key

Definition at line 44 of file internal.h.

int shbuf_control::client_attached

Definition at line 49 of file internal.h.

int shbuf_control::client_notify

Definition at line 52 of file internal.h.

unsigned int shbuf_control::id

Definition at line 31 of file internal.h.

key_t shbuf_control::msg_key

Definition at line 46 of file internal.h.

int shbuf_control::provider_attached

Definition at line 48 of file internal.h.

int shbuf_control::provider_notify

Definition at line 51 of file internal.h.

key_t shbuf_control::sem_key

Definition at line 45 of file internal.h.

unsigned long shbuf_control::size

Definition at line 42 of file internal.h.

shbuf_status shbuf_control::status

Definition at line 41 of file internal.h.

int shbuf_control::version

Definition at line 38 of file internal.h.

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