Posted on Sa 16 Januar 2010

Announcing udev-browse

It's easy to get lost in /sys and not much fun typing long udevadm info command lines all the time. Today, when I had enough of that I sat down and spent an hour to write a little UI for exploring the udev/sysfs tree: udev-browse. I wrote it for my own use, but I am quite sure I am not the only one who wants a little bit simpler access to the device tree. So here you go.

And since everybody loves screenshots here you go:


Two usability hints: if you run udev-browse from a directory in /sys udev-browse will automatically present the device of that path on startup. And if you know the name of a device you can just type it into the device listbox (which is focussed by default). The usual Gtk+ live search will then find you the right entry right-away. It's pretty nifty.

It's written in Vala with minimal dependencies.

I want to keep the maintainership burden for this minimal. So no tarballs, no releases, and I won't reply to your emails regarding this tool, unless they include a good, clean, git formatted patch. Thank you for your understanding.

Anyone wants to package this for Fedora? I'd be very thankful if someone would pick it up.

Have fun.

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