Last modified: Tue Mar 26 23:50:24 CET 2002 Index is a short script written in python2 for converting Galeon XML bookmarks into readable HTML. Its is compatible with Galeon version < 1.2. For newer galeon releases have a look on It makes use of the SAX XML library coming with python2, thus it will not run on anything prior.

Policy The script is published under GPL (Gnu Public License). I welcome every useful patch and will happily merge it with my version.

Development The development was done with Python 2.2 on Debian GNU/Linux Sid (Unstable as of October 2001).

Download Get the source code or have a look on a pretty printed HTML version.

Compatibility The script should run with Python 2.0 and newer on all architectures which are supported by Python.

Usage Just run the script. It will write your bookmarks file in HTML to STDOUT. You might use something like the following to load it up on the fly to a location on the internet: | ncftpput -c -F -umustermann -psecret ./bookmarks.html

Example You might want to see a screenshot of the script's output (1024x768).

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