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Skill-level "Hurt Me Plenty" and the local server will be selected automatically for these pages.

Local Server

Located in Germany.

Skill:  I'm Too Young To Die Not Too Rough Hurt Me Plenty Ultraviolence Nightmare

The l33t surfer is known to break some HTML-pages. This is mostly due to bad HTML-coding (A real ugly thing is not to enclose URLs on HREFs with quotation marks, like slashdot does on its "cool links"-section.) or Perl-coding (on my side). Neither cookies nor the referrer-header are supported. Anyway these are bad evil things(tm). JavaScript is this too, but nevertheless it is supported, because it would break too many webpages. The l33t surfer will break all JavaScript-code which is not enclosed in comment-tags.

You may escape the l33t web by using a form or entering a new URL in the location-field of your browser.

Many people were interested in getting their hands on the script source codes. I am now releasing them under GPL. Everybody may download them and use them for free, make changes to the script, as long as these changes stay free, too.

Download the current source codes here. The script is improved often due to the great work of Mail mzy33g (at) 0pointer (at) de for being notified whenever a new version is released.

If you download the source codes and install them somewhere I would be very happy, if you could send me the URL of the script so that I can include it in the mirror list above.

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