Posted on Do 26 Januar 2012

The Case for the /usr Merge

One of the features of Fedora 17 is the /usr merge, put forward by Harald Hoyer and Kay Sievers[1]. In the time since this feature has been proposed repetitive discussions took place all over the various Free Software communities, and usually the same questions were asked: what the reasons behind this feature were, and whether it makes sense to adopt the same scheme for distribution XYZ, too.

Especially in the Non-Fedora world it appears to be socially unacceptable to actually have a look at the Fedora feature page (where many of the questions are already brought up and answered) which is very unfortunate. To improve the situation I spent some time today to summarize the reasons for the /usr merge independently. I'd hence like to direct you to this new page I put up which tries to summarize the reasons for this, with an emphasis on the compatibility point of view:

The Case for the /usr Merge

Note that even though this page is in the systemd wiki, what it covers is mostly orthogonal to systemd. systemd supports both systems with a merged /usr and with a split /usr, and the /usr merge should be interesting for non-systemd distributions as well.

Primarily I put this together to have a nice place to point all those folks who continue to write me annoyed emails, even though I am actually not even working on all of this...

Enjoy the read!


[1] And not actually by me, I am just a supportive spectator and am not doing any work on it. Unfortunately some tech press folks created the false impression I was behind this. But credit where credit is due, this is all Harald's and Kay's work.

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