Posted on Mi 13 Juli 2011

Wake up!

If you plan to attend Desktop Summit in Berlin this year, then please REGISTER NOW!

If you do not register, then this means you will have to wait in the signup queue at the conference for substantially longer and might miss a talk or two. You will not get onto the conference WLAN right from the beginning of the conference (access is authenticated and personalized, only people who sign up will get access credentials). Your personal badge will not be ready right-away. If not enough people register we will also have to cut down on the available catering and the parties. We rely on the registration numbers to plan, and if you come but don't sign up before you make it very hard for us to plan. Registration is free, so what are you waiting for?

I am pretty sure you want to avoid all of this right? For your own benefit and for the benefit of everybody else attending the conference, go and register for the conference right-away!

Also, we are still looking for more volunteers for session chairs and runners at the conference. This is your chance to introduce your favourite Open Source hacker on stage! Please consider volunteering and read the Call for Volunteers. Add yourself to the list on the wiki page, today. If you sign up you'll earn yourself the gratitude of the GNOME and KDE communities, and you'll receive the exclusive team T-shirts!

Thank you!

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