Posted on Do 14 März 2013

What Are We Breaking Now?

End of February took place in Brno, Czech Republic. At the conference Kay Sievers, Harald Hoyer and I did two presentations about our work on systemd and about the systemd Journal. These talks were taped and the recordings are now available online.

First, here's our talk about What Are We Breaking Now?, in which we try to give an overview on what we are working on currently in the systemd context, and what we expect to do in the next few months. We cover Predictable Network Interface Names, the Boot Loader Spec, kdbus, the Apps framework, and more.

And then, I did my second talk about The systemd Journal, with a focus on how to practically make use of journalctl, as a day-to-day tool for administrators (these practical bits start around 28:40). The commands demoed here are all explained in an earlier blog story of mine.

Unfortunately, the audience questions are sometimes hard or impossible to understand from the videos, and sometimes the text on the slides is hard to read, but I still believe that the two talks are quite interesting.

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