Posted on Sa 03 April 2010

Down the Amazon

After BOSSA in Manaus/Brazil we took a very enjoyable boat trip down the Amazon, to Santarém and particularly Alter do Chão, a ridiculously amazing island paradise with glaring white sand in the middle of the jungle:

Tapajos 2

The town is located on the Tapajós River:

Tapajos 1

Tapajos 3

Up the river you find the Tapajós National Forest:

Tapajos 4

From there we went on to São Luís, a beautiful old colonial town:

Sao Luis 1

Sao Luis 3

Sao Luis 4

Sao Luis 2

A windy and wet sailing catamaran ride from São Luís you find Alcântara, another old colonial town, now partly in ruins and deserted:

Alcantara 1

Alcantara 2

Alcantara 3

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