Posted on Sa 25 November 2006

Dear Lazyweb!

Let's see how well Lazyweb works for me!

One of the nicest types of lamps I know is depicted on this photo:

mexico lamp

This lamp is built from a number (16 or so, it's so difficult to count) of identical shapes which are put together (a mano) in a very simple, mathematical fashion. No glue or anything else is need to make it a very robust object. The lamp looks a little bit like certain Julia fractals, its geometrical structure is just beautiful. Every mathematical mind will enjoy it.

This particular specimen has been bought from a street dealer in Mexico City, and has been made of thin plastic sheets. I saw the same model made from paper on a market near Barcelona this summer (during GUADEC). Unfortunately I didn't seize the chance to buy any back then, and now I am regretting it!

I've been trying to find this model in German and US shops for the last months (Christmas is approaching fast!) but couldn't find a single specimen. I wonder who designed this ingenious lamp and who produces it. It looks like a scandinavian design to me, but that's just an uneducated guess.

If you have any information about this specific lamp model, or could even provide me with a pointer where to buy or how to order these lamps in/from Germany, please leave a comment to this blog story, or write me an email to mzynzcr (at) 0pointer (dot) de! Thank you very much!

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