Avahi mDNS/DNS-SD Stack

Your application mumble makes use of the Apple Bonjour/libdns_sd compatibility layer of Avahi. Apparently you followed a link from a warning shown by this application.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I remove this warning?
    Port your program to Avahi natively. We strongly encourage everyone to use our native API instead of the compatibility layers!
  2. I am not a programmer, how can I remove this warning?
    Contact the upstream developers of your program and convince them to do the port for you.
  3. Due to some reason the upstream developers aren't interested in porting the application for me! How can I still remove this warning?
    Find someone else to do the port for you.
  4. Oh, come on! There must be a way to disable this annoying warning!
    Ok, since you asked so politely: set the environment variable $AVAHI_COMPAT_NOWARN to 1, and the warning will not be shown.
  5. What is this "Avahi" thing anyway?
    Avahi is a free, standards-compliant implementation of the Zeroconf protocols Multicast DNS and DNS-SD.
  6. And that "Apple Bonjour/libdns_sd" thing, what is that?
    It is an alternative API for mDNS/DNS-SD which is supported by Avahi in addition to its native API. However, the support for this API is limited and incomplete. We encourage everyone to use our native API instead.

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